Customer Grievance Redressal

PEV will keep Customer’s rights in highest priority and focus – specially related to personal privacy, clarity relating to rights and obligations, preservation of customer records, maintaining confidentiality of customer information and fair practices in overall business conduct.

  • Right to privacy
  • Customer confidentiality
  • Redressal of Grievances

Grievances between System Participants in respect of any matter connected with the operation of the payment system shall be resolved in accordance with the provisions of the Payment and Settlement Systems Act, 2007, as may be amended from time to time.

The Company will establish a dedicated Call Centre facility for effective resolution of all issues & grievances related to the business of ZEV. This facility will serve all PEV stakeholders.

  • Call Center will be operational 12-hours (10am - 7pm) on all 7 days of the week and will be responsible for effective and speedy resolution of all queries/issues/grievances.
  • All Customer facing staff will be trained adequately to competently & efficiently handle all customer complaints.
  • PEV will have an escalation mechanism with clearly defined time frames at different levels and the details of such mechanism & responsible people with contacts will be put on the portal.
All grievances will be addressed at 3 levels:
  1. Automatic IVR
  2. Help Desk - Personal Assistance
  3. Nodal Officer
  4. Escalation Team – High Level Customer Grievance Redressal Team

**issues = operational, product, process, transaction, settlement related – queries, issues or grievances.

**issues = operational, product, process, transaction, settlement related – queries, issues or grievances

**caller/customer = ZOKUDO Electronic Pre-paid gift voucher/card gifter, recipient & merchants

**call = email, phone call, personal visit.

1. Automatic IVR

For an instant and speedy resolution of queries a smart and effective IVR system will be designed to resolve the most common issues. If the IVR system is unable to solve the caller issue and the caller chooses for a "Personal Assistance" the call will be transferred to the relevant "Help Desk".

2. Help Desk
Ticket Number
  • On transfer to the "Help Desk" a unique ticket no will be allocated to each issue.
  • Each "Ticket No" will be tracked on twice a day basis by the "Help Desk" supervisor
  • A query register will be maintained with full information of each "Ticket No"
The call will then be transferred to the relevant subject matter expert help desk:
  • Gifter Help Desk
  • Recipient/Redemption Help Desk
  • Merchant Help Desk
Each relevant Help Desk will further identify the purpose of call:
  • Portal related
  • Transaction related
  • Redemption related
  • Process related (Others)

The relevant Help Desk will make all efforts to resolve the issue on-call/instantly – Failing this the issue will be handed over to the "Backroom Operations Team"

Backroom Operations Team
  • The backroom operations team will acknowledge each issue within 48 hours of receipt of the issue.
  • The backroom operations team will resolve all queries in maximum 7 working days of receipt of the issue.
3. Nodal Officer

Name :- Mr. Ratnesh Jain
Email :-
Address :- Premium eBusiness Venture Pvt. Ltd., 42, Navketan Industrial Estate, Mahakali Caves Road, Andheri (East), Mumbai – 400093
Phone number :- 91-22-66756002 Ext: 128

4. Escalation Team

On insistence of the caller or if the "Backroom Operations Team" is unable to resolve an issue in the stipulated time, the issue will automatically be referred to an escalation tree.

The Escalation Tree will comprise of 3 levels, each level will get an opportunity to resolve the issue within 7 days of receipt of the issue, failing which the issue will automatically get escalated to the next escalation level.

Level-1 Escalation: Department Head / HOD / Functional Head: Amarprit Gill (Email: & Phone: 91-22-66756002 Ext: 137)

Level-2 Escalation: Business Head / CEO / COO: Ratnesh Jain (Email: & Phone: 91-22-66756002 Ext: 128)

Level-3 Escalation: Directors / Managing Committee: Yash Mehta (Email: & Phone: 91-22-66756002 Ext: 134)

Issue Resolved

An Issue will be considered resolved only in following cases:
a. Where the Customer has communicated his acceptance of the Company's decision on redressal of grievance communicated by the Company; or
b. Where the Customer has not communicated his acceptance of the Company's decision, within 2 (two) months from the date of communication of decision by the Company.